The New Street

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This is a gift designed especially for gifting someone who just moved into new house. It's a gift that says congratulation on so many levels. This gifts is also prefect as a closing gift to clients. Comes in a beautiful gift box tied with a ribbon and a gift note includes;

Gift Details

  • Chocolate Cookie Mix- This is a classic favourite  gluten-free indulgent light and moreish chocolate cookie baking mix with chocolate drops.
  • Turkish Cotton TowelHighly versatile as a hand towel in the kitchen or in the bathroom.
  • Nemi Breakfast Tea A robust and full-bodied English Breakfast tea, Fair trade tea responsibly sourced. 
  •  Mokha Caramel Sauce- Super delicious gourmet sauce by Joey Kaola irresistible on toast, deserts or eat from jar. 
  • Measuring Cups- Set of 4  measuring cups
  • Spatula- A silicon spatula with bamboo handle
  • Pastry brush- Silicon with a bamboo handle